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Global Goals

Oxygen and Women’s Circles

By June 4, 2021No Comments

Goal three for UN Sustainable Development is Good Health and Well-being, Saundretta James, Global Goals Ambassador explores alternative methods for reaching this goal and shares information below.

While it’s common knowledge that oxygen is vital to living, it’s often taken for granted as to why. After months, over a year for some, of wearing masks–oxygen may be more appreciated now more than ever.

While mental health continues to be a major topic there is often not enough emphasis on how oxygen can help improve the mind.

Oxygen gives life to brain cells–all cells. It would make sense that getting outside in nature among the trees can improve brain function, memory, and overall well-being.

The occurrence of oxygen in Nature is so prevalent that it may be hard to believe that sitting in a forest of trees will leave your brain feeling refreshed and stimulated.

After attending the “Moon Nomads: Women’s Circle,” hosted by María Barragán Ortiz I felt the effects of how breathing can improve mental health and well-being.

A “Women’s Circle,” is a place where a yoga mat, blanket, journal, loose clothing and your willingness to connect with Nature all come into play. There are breathing exercises, visualization exercises, and sharing what comes to heart while letting go of inhibitions to be afraid.

The body loosens. It is not yoga. It is a chance to breathe and be.

Surrounded by trees, a major source of oxygen–it is hard to miss out on this vital element in our Earth’s atmosphere. It is often not easy to realize that one does not take enough long and slow breaths in a day.

María Barragán Ortiz created Moon Nomads in 2019 as a space to create community in order to support women empowerment through the practice of self-care. María is an educator, mentor and coach, and through her groups (Women Circles) she guides women of all ages and paths to connect with their inner-selves, focusing on the present moment and the integration of wellness practices into their lives.

For more information and registration: You can follow her on Instagram at @mariabarort and @iammoonnomad.

Get some oxygen to your brain. Go outside; it is good for overall health and well-being.

-Saundretta James
Global Goals Ambassador for Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being