Membership Director

UNA-Chicago’s Outreach program area is a portfolio of initiatives that emphasizes building a comprehensive and sustainable channel of new and continued membership. We recognize that a robust association of globally-minded Chicagoans requires a concerted, strategic effort in building a solid membership foundation. Outreach is the first component of UNA-Chicago’s integrated program delivery model, focusing on new member recruitment while also maximizing retention. This program is charged with implementing and ensuring a thoughtful, cohesive membership experience.

The Membership Director will be charged with oversight of the Outreach program’s strategy, ensuring that appropriate plans and resources are in place to ensure that potential new members, current members, and near-lapsing members are involved in a consistent and cohesive membership pipeline. This includes actively engaging with other Directors to facilitate collaboration across UNA-Chicago’s three primary program areas. The Membership Director is also responsible for reporting out monthly metrics (target/actual) and maintaining up-to-date membership rolls.

UNA-Chicago’s overarching long-term plan is to bring membership to 1,000 Chicagoans by 2020.

Primary Responsibilities

Identifies and actively engages prospective members for UNA-Chicago

  • Accountable for implementing and revising strategies to meet overall membership growth targets
  • Works with Communications to ensure all new members are included in appropriate listservs
  • Manages all administrative tasks associated with the membership process (e.g. welcome Letters to new members, alerts to lapsing members, keeping current with membership lists current/reviewing for accuracy)
  • Directs volunteer inquiries to the appropriate Director in a timely and effective manner
  • Responds to requests for information regarding membership
  • Actively manages volunteers interested in Outreach-related opportunities
  • Collaborates with Young Professionals Chair & GenUN Director to recruit GenUN members
  • Actively recruits, manages, and engages a Membership committee to assist where appropriate
  • Submits weekly updates as necessary and appropriate
  • Submits a timely and complete Membership Committee Report prior to each board meeting