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International Day of the Tropics

By June 27, 2022No Comments

International Day of the Tropics


By Saundretta James

Observance Day

International Day of the Tropics is on June 29th. The purpose of this UN observance is to celebrate,  “the extraordinary diversity of the tropics while highlighting unique challenges and opportunities nations of the Tropics face.” [1] The United Nations provides several articles which are highlighted below in the resources section. These articles give various stories about the tropics and the United Nations’ efforts in the tropics. 

 Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goal 15 (Life on Land)  aims to protect the environment. Click the logo below to learn more about this goal!


  1. United Nations International Day of the Tropics
  2. Disease Prevention in the Tropics
  3. Guardians of the Amazon



  1. Read resources provided in this article
  2. Learn more about sustainable development goal 15-Life on Land
  3. Join this webinar! Celebrate: JCU Webinar Registration

-Saundretta James

Director of Advocacy, UNA Chicago