Global Goals Chair

The Global Goals Chair is an essential for managing our Global Goals Ambassadors program and coordinating a suite of events, lectures, panel discussions, simulations, networking events, and other interactive programming related to the Global Goals. Its primary objective is to work with our board directors to cultivate an informed membership base that is apprised of current UN work as it relates to the Global Goals and how the chapter aligns its programs to connect these initiatives at a local level. It is UNA-Chicago’s belief that equipping membership with the instructional tools, resources, and connections to become more knowledgeable about the UN’s goals and priorities helps foster collective engagement, awareness, and impact. From this, UNA-Chicago intends for the Global Goals program area to serve as a trajectory into mobilized action via the organization’s Advocacy platform.

Primary Responsibilities

Works with lead board members & Global Goals Ambassadors program to coordinate and plan a comprehensive programming calendar for 2019

  • Managing all 17-34 Global Goals Ambassadors
  • Serving as liaison between ambassadors and the UNA-Chicago board
  • Ensures all board member programming is aligned with UNA-Chicago’s organizational strategy; that all proposed programs are cohesive in nature and event proposals are timely, organized, and incorporate an educational or advocacy-related element
  • Works with appropriate Board Director(s) to strategically celebrate and emphasize UNA-Chicago via international and national holidays or days of celebration, including, but not limited to:
  • Works with the Executive Committee to assist with underwriting logistics of events
  • Submits weekly updates as necessary and appropriate
  • Submits a timely and complete Education Committee Report prior to each board meeting