Give the Globe a Shot

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Give the Globe a Shot

“You only have to care about one thing for it to be your platform. For you to make change.” – Karen Olivio

“You have to be courageous enough to say “this is what I believe” and encourage those to have the conversation, but to also listen.” – Jonathan Kirkland

Six members of the Chicago cast of Hamilton: The Musical- Samantha Marie Ware, Karen Olivio, Ari Afsar, Jonathan Kirkland, Yossi Chaikin, and Jin Ha- joined us not only as artists, but as citizens and activists to discuss the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Facilitated by our moderator Noa Meyer, a Managing Director and Head of Philanthropic Initiatives for BDT & Company, the cast shared their stories, insights, and advice.

Through their experiences, they talked about the struggles for gender and racial equality, the plight of poverty, the importance of education, and the meaning of freedom. They discussed sustainable development and conscious consumerism, the major policy changes needed to impact the negative effects of climate change. They advised us on how to deal with prejudice and bullying- that there is no easy answer.

Drawing from their lives, as well as from the resonating themes in the show Hamilton, each member talked about the Global Goals most important to them and what they are doing to make a difference. The cast members are each embracing their unique opportunity to create social change and progress through their actions, their voices, and the greater platform of Hamilton. The 17 Global Goals laid out by the United Nations are no small feat, but change can start with just one person.

Watch our Facebook Live video for a full look at:

  • Why international aid organizations are important to Yossi,
  • How her childhood influenced her ties with Goal #1: No Poverty and what “freedom” means to Samantha,
  • Ari’s thoughts on gender equality,
  • Jonathan’s background in education, reducing inequalities and reconciling with his role as George Washington,
  • How Karen is using her tools and passion to connect with, engage with and educate generations on how to become activists and global citizens, and
  • Jin Ha on being an activist first, and artist second.